IDDP Workshop 5 was held in Reykjavik 7-8 March 2007. In an opening address, Dr. Þorkell Helgason, Director General of Orkustofnun (the National Energy Authority), informed the participants, on behalf of the Icelandic Energy Consortium, that in the next few years, deep (> 3.5 km) exploratory boreholes are likely to be drilled in each of the three major geothermal fields in Iceland, namely the Krafla-, the Reykjanes-, and the Hengill field. Þorkell concluded by assuring the workshop participants that the IDDP now seemed to be „healthier“ than ever before. The purpose of Workshop 5 was twofold, firstly to discuss technical issues on drillcoring options and strategy in drilling into supercritical regime below 3.5 km depth, and secondly, to discuss and review the Feasibility Report (2003) plan on flow testing and sampling of supercritical fluids after drilling. The proceeding of the workshop and reccomendations by the Science Application Group of Advisors is described in SAGA Report 6. SAGA’s unanimous recommendation is that obtaining drill cores, especially in the transition from subcritical to supercritical and in the supercritical regime, remains an essential requirement for characterizing the deep reservoir. One major cost saving issue concerning flow testing after drilling, would be to simplify the fluid sampling and handling program that was recommended in the Feasibility Report (2003), by abandoning the system referred to as “The Pipe”, and replace it with a less technically challenging sampling system.