The “kickoff meeting” at the Orkugarður auditorium in Reykjavik was held two weeks before a rig is to be activated at the Krafla geothermal field in NE Iceland to resume drilling the IDDP-1 exploratory/research well. Drilling and casing to 800 m occurred in December 2008. Drilling to 4500m depth should take a further 115 days. The workshop reviewed the planning for drilling and testing this well, and integration of the drilling and activities on site, including downhole logging and experiments, and sampling of rocks and fluids, including coring. The more than 40 attendees were mostly members of the three advisory panels, Drilling Technology, Geosciences, and Fluid Handling and Evaluation, together with the downhole logging group (ISOR and HITI), Deep Vision (the steering committee), and SAGA (the advisory committee). The agenda and a list of attendees of the workshop are attached to this report. After a day of presentations by representatives of these groups, and a half day of discussions, a number of items were discussed that could require further review or action, that are listed in this report. Overall, however, the review of the comprehensive plans presented was very positive: there were no “show-stoppers” identified.
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