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IDDP-1 flow test.

The flow test of IDDP-1 began in March 2010, when the well was initially discharged. The initial flow test (phase 1) took place during 22-31 March 2010, when the well discharged through a DN100 (4’’) pipeline. The full-initial flow test (phase 1b) began 11 May, by discharging the well through a DN250 (10’’) pipeline with a 125 mm orifice. Initially the flow was wet but it has been superheated since May 18. This test is ongoing.

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IDDP was presented by 15 papers at the World Geothermal Congress in Indonesia 25-30 April 2010. Three papers on drilling technology were presented at technical sessions 4A, 5A and 6A, and the remaining papers were presented at special IDDP session 18J and 19J – see link at:

These papers are available here: IDDP papers at WGC-2010 and the presentations here: IDDP Presentations at WGC-2010