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Flow tests of well IDDP-1 have continued this summer. After the flow tests in the summer of 2010 stopped, improvements were made to the wellhead and flowline to meet the demanding conditions. Below are a few video clips of the 4th flow test, August 9-10, 2011.

  1. Video clip: The test began by opening a 4” valve into a separate flow line. This lasted for about 10 minutes.
  2. Video clip: This video clip shows the flow condition ca. 3 minutes after the 12” operating valve had been fully opened into the 500 mm flow line and the rock muffler. The steam turned black after ca. 1 min. flow due to Fe-O-S-compounds from corroded liner.
  3. Video clip: After ca. 10 min. flow on the main flow line the steam turned white again and became superheated ca. 25-30 min from the beginning of flow test 4.
  4. Video clip: This video clip shows the transparent superheated steam flow ca. 12 h after opening. T: 410°C, P: 40 bar, H: 3150 KJ/Kg, Power output potentially 30-40 MWe. The well was closed 11. August for modification on the flow line. Wet scrubbing pilot test will begin about mid-September 2011.

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