A significant milestone has been reached in the Iceland Deep Drilling Project at the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland when drilling of the IDDP-2 well was completed on  the 25th of January at 4,659 meters depth. All of the initial targets were reached.  These targets were to drill deep, extract drill cores, measure the temperature and search for permeability. Temperature at the bottom of the well has already been measured at 427°C, with fluid pressure of 340 bars, drill cores were retrieved, and the rocks appear to be permeable at depth. It´s clear that the bottom of the well reached fluids at supercritical conditions, so that the main drilling phase objective of the project has been achieved.  The drilling operation took 176 days since we began the drilling operation 11th August 2016. 

IDDP-2 Completion websites – IDDP-DEEPEGS2