SAGA Report No 12

An IDDP-2 Flow Test Kick of Meeting was conducted in Reykjavik, 12th August 2019, and is reported in SAGA Report No. 12. According to this report the flow test was expected to begin early September – but due to unforeseen intervention the beginning of flow test...

Season Greetings 2018

A new JVGR article on IDDP-2 is available on the ScienceDirect website and here. The IDDP-2 well is now heating up for a flow test which is planned to begin April 2019.

IDDP-2 Way Forward Workshop

IDDP-2 Way Forward Workshop, a joint effort of the IDDP-Consortium and DEEPEGS, was held 20-21 March 2018. Preparation for a flow test is next on the agenda. For details see SAGA REPORT No 11.

RN-15/IDDP-2 now at 4.254 m deep

Drilling has progressed slowly but steady for the last few weeks. Since 3200 m depth we have been drilling without getting any return of circulation fluid or drill cuttings to the surface. Seven times we have attempted to drill for spot cores, providing us with...

RN-15/IDDP-2 is now the deepest hole in Iceland

The RN-15/IDDP-2 has reached 3.640 m depth and is now the deepest hole in Iceland. The well is cased with a 9 5/8 inch steel casing to 2.940 m, and after cementing the casing the well was deepened with 8 ½ inch rotary drill bit. While drilling below the casing, quite...

Casing and cementing of the IDDP-2

Casing and cementing of the IDDP-2 well to 3 km depth has now been completed – and drilling ahead down into the un-known will begin next week