IDDP was presented by 15 papers at the World Geothermal Congress in Indonesia 25-30 April 2010. Three papers on drilling technology were presented at technical sessions 4A, 5A and 6A, and the remaining papers were presented at special IDDP session 18J and 19J – see link at:

These papers are available here: IDDP papers at WGC-2010 and the presentations here: IDDP Presentations at WGC-2010

View of the drill rig looking over the explosion crater Víti, which formed in an eruption 1724 AD. The Tyr drillrig can be seen in the background.


News release.



25 March 2009, at 21:40 Jardboranir Ltd drill rig Tyr started drilling into rocks again, at a depth of 796.7 m, relative to Tyr’s platform (7.8 m above surface). The photo shows a view from the AD 1724 Víti explosive crater (since the Myvatn Fires), some 0.5 km across towards the drill rig. The Leirhnukur fumarole field is seen in the background as well as craters from the 1975-1984 eruptive fissure of the Krafla Fires, some 1.5 km west of the rig. Daily news from the drill site are provided at:

The “kickoff meeting” at the Orkugarður auditorium in Reykjavik was held two weeks before a rig is to be activated at the Krafla geothermal field in NE Iceland to resume drilling the IDDP-1 exploratory/research well. Drilling and casing to 800 m occurred in December 2008. Drilling to 4500m depth should take a further 115 days. The workshop reviewed the planning for drilling and testing this well, and integration of the drilling and activities on site, including downhole logging and experiments, and sampling of rocks and fluids, including coring. The more than 40 attendees were mostly members of the three advisory panels, Drilling Technology, Geosciences, and Fluid Handling and Evaluation, together with the downhole logging group (ISOR and HITI), Deep Vision (the steering committee), and SAGA (the advisory committee). The agenda and a list of attendees of the workshop are attached to this report. After a day of presentations by representatives of these groups, and a half day of discussions, a number of items were discussed that could require further review or action, that are listed in this report. Overall, however, the review of the comprehensive plans presented was very positive: there were no “show-stoppers” identified.
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During the 25th of November 2008 a very successful spot coring test was performed at 2800 m depth in the production well RN-17 B at Reykjanes. Well RN-17 B was being reconditioned by side-tracking it out of well RN-17 at 930 m depth below the production casing, to become an inclined exploration/production well. The core test was performed in an open hole at 35° inclination with newly built coring equipment. The main benefit of the core barrel is its unique feature to enable much greater water flow-rates for cooling during coring, or up to 40 l/s, as compared to conventional core barrels with only 4-5 l/s flow rates. A 9.3 m hydrothermally altered hyaloclastite breccia was cored with so to speak 100% core recovery. The newly purchased ICDP core barrel and bits proved just perfect for our IDDP purpose of coring in high temperature wells, and only minor improvement on the equipment is needed before further spot coring in the IDDP-1 well in Krafla next summer. The core bit experienced some 280°C during coring, and the entire operation took some 33 hours rig time. A short report is attached.



Daily news

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According to our drilling schedule the drilling for 24 1/2″ casing to 280 m, and then for 18 5/8″ casing to 800 m depth, was supposed to occur this autumn. The drill rig Jötunn has been rigging up since last week and began drilling for the 24 ½” casing today. Weather conditions in Krafla are fine today and the rig will continue for the next 3 weeks or so before leaving for the Azores for the winter. The photo below was taken this afternoon by Hinrik Árni Bóasson.

The IDDP drilling plan can be viewed on a poster that was presented at the IGC-2008 congress in Oslo last summer.
JPG poster iddp 08 08



Landsvirkjun og Jarðboranir undirrita samning um djúpboranir við Kröflu.

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The 1st IDDP drillhole will be drilled in Krafla, NE-Iceland. A detailed time schedule is now available.

Drilling for and cementing of the 32″ (inches) surface casing to 91 m depth has already been completed.

Site location: ISN93 coordinates : X east 602607, Y north 581630; Degrees 65° 42.953 N, 16° 45.871 W.

Time schedule:

Autumn 2008: Drilling for 24 1/2″ casing to 280 m, and for 18 5/8″ casing to 800 m depth.
March-April 2009: Drilling for 13 3/8″ casing to 2400 m
April-June 2009: Drilling for 9 5/8″ casing to 3500 m – including ~ 2 spot cores
June-July 2009: Drilling with 8 ½” drill bit to 4500 m – including ~ 8 spot cores
Autumn 2009: Flow test