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Pushing the limits of geothermal deep drilling

Exploring the potential of high-temperature hydrothermal systems in Iceland

A conventional geothermal production utillizes „only“ the uppermost parts of the geothermal systems.  A typical depth of a geothermal well is around 2.5 km and the temperature of the formation is around 240°C–330°C and the fluid there is at boiling point curve in the hottest part of the system.  The deeper parts of the geothermal systems are not well known.  Direct measurements are only available from the uppermost 2-3 km of the formation where wells have been drilled.  One can however assume that there is a lot of hot rocks below the conventional system and beeing able to mine the heat from there would make huge resources available for power production.  



The main purpose of the IDDP project is to determine the economic feasibility of energy and chemical extraction from hydrothermal systems at supercritical conditions.

Season Greetings 2020 test

The IDDP-2 well has still not been flow tested. The well proved to be blocked at about 777 m depth. The blockage was removed by injection in mid-October 2020. A
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Season Greetings test

The IDDP-2 Flow Test was initiated 11. December 2019 by using air compressor in order to get the well flowing. The process is still ongoing and we expect the well
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SAGA Report No 12 test

An IDDP-2 Flow Test Kick of Meeting was conducted in Reykjavik, 12th August 2019, and is reported in SAGA Report No. 12. According to this report the flow test was expected to
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