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An application for a preproposal support was granted by ICDP in May 2001. This was to meet our request for funds to support the operation of a Science Application Group of Advisors (SAGA), to plan the scientific program, invite international participation and to hold an international scientific and technical workshop in Iceland 15th-21st March 2002. The ICDP has provided funds for partial subsidy of travel cost, where necessary, for some participants. Because of the anticipated difficulties of drilling, the workshop in March needs to focus on drilling techniques and science directly addressing the drilling strategy. An application to ICDP to fund a second IDDP/ICDP-Workshop in October 2002, addressing pre-, during-, and past-drilling science issues, is being prepared. Potential participants are requested to submit a 1-2 page outline of their proposed studies. The outline should indicate, as appropriate, their requirement for on-site facilities and rig-time during drilling, sample request, post-drilling science plans, their likely source of funding and their need, if any, for travel funds to the workshop.

The IDDP drilling may take place as early as 2004. A full proposal to ICDP to participate in the IDDP drilling is planned for January 2003.

Deadline for application to participate in the IDDP/ICDP Workshop II in October, is July 1st 2002.