The RN-17 well report is now available under Daily Report on the ICDP website. The report is 198 p. long including appendices. The well RN-17 was drilled and funded by Hitaveita Sudurnesja (HS) as one of many production wells at Reykjanes. RN-17 is a prime candidate as a well of opportunity for deepening in 2006 and 2007 by IDDP. The HS energy company will need to release the candidate well officially to IDDP prior to a final decision on deepening. At present IDDP expects to receive funds for deeping from multiple sources. The funding issue should be clarified soon.

The well RN-17 was completed as a 12 ¼ inch barefoot drillhole, 3082 m deep, cased by cemented 13 3/8 inch steel casing to almost 900 m depth. Upon IDDP deepening, a 9 5/8 inch casing will first be inserted and cemented before deepening with a 8 ½ inch drill bit to 4 km depth. Frequent spot coring is planned in that depth interval, funded by ICDP and the US National Science Foundation. Later in 2007 it is proposed to continuously core this well down to 5 km depth.

Scientists involved in IDDP research can now make a formal request for samples of the drill cuttings available from well RN-17. Such sample requests should be made before November 1st, 2005. Conventional drill cutting samples (125 ml containers) were collected at 2 m intervals. Additional large cutting samples (1000 ml containers) were collected at 50 m intervals. A 2.7 m long dolerite spot core from a neighbouring well, RN-19, was also obtained. See the RN-17 well report for details.