During the 25th of November 2008 a very successful spot coring test was performed at 2800 m depth in the production well RN-17 B at Reykjanes. Well RN-17 B was being reconditioned by side-tracking it out of well RN-17 at 930 m depth below the production casing, to become an inclined exploration/production well. The core test was performed in an open hole at 35° inclination with newly built coring equipment. The main benefit of the core barrel is its unique feature to enable much greater water flow-rates for cooling during coring, or up to 40 l/s, as compared to conventional core barrels with only 4-5 l/s flow rates. A 9.3 m hydrothermally altered hyaloclastite breccia was cored with so to speak 100% core recovery. The newly purchased ICDP core barrel and bits proved just perfect for our IDDP purpose of coring in high temperature wells, and only minor improvement on the equipment is needed before further spot coring in the IDDP-1 well in Krafla next summer. The core bit experienced some 280°C during coring, and the entire operation took some 33 hours rig time. A short report is attached.