Season Greetings 2020

The IDDP-2 well has still not been flow tested. The well proved to be blocked at about 777 m depth. The blockage was removed by injection in mid-October 2020. A decision is awaited if the IDDP-2 well will be flow tested in 2021. The four years DEEPEGS project, EU...

Season Greetings

The IDDP-2 Flow Test was initiated 11. December 2019 by using air compressor in order to get the well flowing. The process is still ongoing and we expect the well will be up and flowing sometime in January 2020. Season Greetings from IDDP and DEEPEGS....

Season Greetings 2018

A new JVGR article on IDDP-2 is available on the ScienceDirect website and here. The IDDP-2 well is now heating up for a flow test which is planned to begin April 2019.

IDDP-2 Way Forward Workshop

IDDP-2 Way Forward Workshop, a joint effort of the IDDP-Consortium and DEEPEGS, was held 20-21 March 2018. Preparation for a flow test is next on the agenda. For details see SAGA REPORT No 11.

Casing and cementing of the IDDP-2

Casing and cementing of the IDDP-2 well to 3 km depth has now been completed – and drilling ahead down into the un-known will begin next week