Season Greetings 2020 test

The IDDP-2 well has still not been flow tested. The well proved to be blocked at about 777 m depth. The blockage was removed by injection in mid-October 2020. A decision is awaited if the IDDP-2 well will be flow tested in 2021. The four years DEEPEGS project, EU H2020 supported and intimately involving well IDDP-2, the Reykjanes demonstrator, ended 30.04.2020 after five months extension and was formally concluded in October 2020. A whole day DEEPEGS Final Meeting was conducted on public webinar broadcast in April and made available on Youtube:

DEEPEGS scientists attended 35 different conferences and issued 129 scientifically acknowledged documents during the project lifespan, and more papers are expected. Researchers published their findings during 15 various conferences and in 5 independent scientific journals. Public publications are presented as scientific journal articles, conference abstracts and proceedings (those are released in the Book of Publications), public presentations during workshop, conferences and various scientific meetings, conference posters, public reports, and project deliverables. All these public documents are available online under the link: and further details can be found at DEEPEGS homepage The results from the IDDP-2 well were to be presented at the World Geothermal Congress in Reykjavik last April – but had to be postponed until May 2021 – details to be found at

We hope that the C-19 pandemic will be sufficiently behind us to find you in good health at the WGC conference next May – and with that Wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!!

Season Greetings test

The IDDP-2 Flow Test was initiated 11. December 2019 by using air compressor in order to get the well flowing. The process is still ongoing and we expect the well will be up and flowing sometime in January 2020. Season Greetings from IDDP and DEEPEGS.

SAGA Report No 12 test

An IDDP-2 Flow Test Kick of Meeting was conducted in Reykjavik, 12th August 2019, and is reported in SAGA Report No. 12. According to this report the flow test was expected to begin early September – but due to unforeseen intervention the beginning of flow test is delayed until middle of October 2019. Accordingly, the well should be flowing from November onwards.